Walk-In Services

Mini Make-Rover:                       Paw Spa:     


-Nail Trim or Nail Grinding                 -Nail Trim or Nail Grinding

-Ear Cleaning                                    -Paw Pad Shave

-Paw Pad Shave                                 -Paw Pad Creme

-Paw Pad Creme

-Tooth Brushing                                  $25.00 / $30.00 (Grinding)

-Dental Spray 

$35.00 / $40.00 (Grinding)

Therapeutic Treatment Bath

This service is geared towards dogs who have severe skin conditions such as: sores, lumps, bumps, hot spots, skin infections, redness, oozing, itching, and/or hair loss. 

Therapeutic Treatments require weekly (sometimes twice weekly) bathing at the salon for 6-8 weeks. Once the treatment regimen is completed, your dog can move back to a more normal monthly schedule.

Phase One of treatment includes a skin detox where we will use products designed to lift and remove the toxins and irritants off the skin and coat, deep cleansing shampoo to fight off bacteria and fungal infection, and a pH balanced conditioner to rehydrate the skin and coat. 

Phase Two will begin when the infection is no longer present and we can heal the skin and regrow any hair loss.


The Soggie Doggie

Grooming Services


Routine Maintenance Bath or Groom

This essential service cleanses and hydrates your dog's skin and coat. The specific products used will vary on the individual depending on their coat type and the condition of their skin and coat on the day of their visit. We carry a line of products that is specially formulated for dogs with chronic and acute skin conditions. Your dog will receive a medicated shampoo if they are excessively itchy, dry, flaky, have seasonal allergies, or mild redness of the skin. Routine baths and regular grooming maintains the appearance and hygiene of your pet. Your dog will leave here looking fuller, healthier, more colorful, and will feel soft and smell fresh! 

Included in this service:

-Shampoo     -Facial Cleanser     -Hydro Massage     -Conditioner     -Ear Cleaning (plucking if needed)     -Tooth Brushing         -Dental Spray     -Blow Dry     -Brush Out/Combing     -Nail Trimming     -Paw Pad Shave     -Desired Hair Cut (if required)

Nail Trim              $20.00         Nail Grinding         $30.00 Tooth Brushing      $10.00         Paw Pad Creme       $5.00

Ear Cleaning           $5.00

There are many variables that will determine the cost of grooming for your dog. Prices will vary depending on the breed of dog, their size, what condition the coat is in, desired hair cut, when they were last groomed, and their behavior. Extra charges may apply if your dog requires special handling, additional time, or excessive matting. 

We will be happy to quote you a price range over the phone and we invite your inquiries! 

*We do not discriminate against ANY breeds!